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Tool Info

This tool is available to test different mastery setups away from the League client, and also to provide additional details not given inside the official Riot version.

Each Mastery has 4 states:

  • Unavailable - You do not have enough points the correct Mastery Tree, or a prerequisite is not completed.
  • Available - This mastery is available, but has no points.
  • Partial - This mastery has points in it, but is not complete. Stats affected by this mastery appear in the right panel.
  • Complete - This mastery can receive no more points because it is full.

Each setup contains a unique URL extension, shown in the 'Share' box. Copy the current URL (updates in real-time) or simply click 'Copy' in order to copy this URL to your clipboard. You can then use this link to share your unique setup.

Left-click a Mastery to add a point to it, Right-click to take one away. Left click the Tree icon to reset that tree. Click 'Reset' to rest the entire Mastery page.

Hold 'Ctrl' while clicking to add/remove the maximum possible points.

This tool was built partially out of a desire to see the full effect of mastery pages. Currently, Riot's mastery pages do not give users a separate view to show them how their statistics are being affected.

While this does make sense because masteries very rarely overlap, I think it's helpful to have the changes organized in a different way, and thus, this tool was born.

Credit for the 'Share' feature, the original mastery data, and image assets goes to & dpatti

If you discover errors in the tool, have feedback or suggestions, please email me at or message TheMullinator on Reddit.