LoL Creep Calculator

Patch 6.21*

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Tool Info

The app will automatically calculate factors, such as gold & total creep score, when a user changes any of several inputs:

  • Current Time
  • % Minions Last-Hit
  • Total Creep Score

Selecting an update algorithm:

  • Wave Spawn: (0 delay) calculates new minions exactly when they spawn
  • Wave End: (30s delay) calculates new minions approximately as they reach lane
  • Wave Clear: (60s delay) calculates new minions approximately after the wave has been cleared

For in-game goal tracking, set a desired Percentage and start the Timer. This will automatically update your target CS every 30 seconds.

Variables are all saved in real-time to the URL. Meaning if you have a particularly impressive score, or want to make a point about CS, just copy and paste the URL!
(c = creep score, t = time in minutes, p = percent last-hit)

This tool was created to help me put Creep Score into better perspective.

I have yet to master last hitting. I've been aware, but when I made this tool I realize JUST how much I was missing out on.

Hopefully this will help other players realize the importance of CS and give them goals to reach for while improving.

This tool is NOT 100% accurate. It will tell you the maximum number of minions that have spawned at any given time. You can also use the tool to show how many minions have made it to lane at any given time by changing the Update At setting.

Travel time is also not 100% accurate, as it may vary depending on your location. This leaves a little wiggle room.

The Creep Score and Gold Farmed are both calculated based on the exact number of Melee, Caster, and Siege minions farmed. Actual counts may vary.

It DOES take into account the gold difference between minion types, as well as their gold value increase over time. The math of this tool comes from the video Season 3 Minion Gold, by TrampolineTales

*Gold values are possibly old. Further investigation is under way, and this will be updated shortly.

If you discover errors in the tool, have feedback or suggestions, please email me at or message TheMullinator on Reddit.